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Women's Ministry

Eldress Denise Nance

Women of Obedience
A fellowship where women can grow

together in knowledge, understanding,

and application of God's Word. It is a

place where women can be

strengthened, uplifted, and learn from

one another. God has promised us

in his work that because He has begun

the good work in each of us, He is

also well able to and will complete

it. Phil 1:6

Men's Ministry

Minister Michael Collins

Men of Character
Raising the standards of manhood

in every area of life and guiding men

to live an honorable life that is first and

foremost pleasing to God. Every facet of

our society will benefit as men rise to
a higher standard of manhood.
We purpose to minister to the needs

of men, mentor into the lives of our

young men, build and develop the

character of ALL men.

Singles Ministry

Worth the Wait
Being single is a valuable time gi

to get to know who you are and the true

desires of your heart. Being single leaves

room for being completely clear and

content in your relationship with Christ;

it's you and God. This is a gift and we will completely embrace this with everything

within us.​ Understanding wholeness and

embracing the power of singleness are

our first purposes. We assist each

other in the areas of expectation

regarding getting married, raising

children, and life as a whole. 


Youth Ministry

Evangelist Brenda Burrow

Minister Andre' Nance

Unashamed Youth
A generation that represents our God

with boldness and commitment despite

the world's insecurities, confusion, and

imbalance. We will be active spiritually

and socially; moving only in a manner

that is Spirit-filled, Spirit-led,

and Kingdom-minded. We commit to

learning how to pray, fast, praise,

worship, and study the Word of God for

revelation to be able to properly apply

that Word spiritually and practically.


We are a youth ministry of excellence,

not average. 



Prayer Ministry

Pastor Melinda Willie

Touch and Agree

A ministry that is called to pray

prophetically until there is a

breakthrough of victory. We endeavor

to pray with His Power, and our purpose

is to be Spirit-led and Spirit-filled

founded on the principle of Jesus Christ.

We are wholly committed to God and

believe Him for healing, deliverance, and supernatural things to be unlocked. For

nothing is secret that will not be

manifested in our prayers, nor is anything

hid that shall not be known and come

abroad as we seek his face.

Isaiah 62:6; James 5:13-16


Music Ministry

Minister Andre' Nance

Mass Choir/Praise Ensemble

We desire to create a space where the

presence, power, and glory of God cannot

only be manifested, but experienced in a

genuine, authentic, and brand new way.​
We understand that we are not just

singers, but chosen vessels of the Lord

who is Holy.  We dare not take lightly the

office that God has graced us within the

arena of the music ministry. to allow

us to be expressions of His Truth

and Love.

Evangelism &

Outreach Ministry

Evangelist Brenda Burrow

A ministry created to focus on the

un-churched and the lost by taking

the Word to them.

Untitled 2.jpg

Prison Ministry

A ministry created to reach those

who are imprisoned by visiting them

and sharing with them the Word and encouragement. 

Untitled 3.jpg

Care Ministry

A ministry created to focus on

the tangible needs of those who have

fallen on difficult times.


Audio &

Visual Ministry

A ministry created to record the video

and audio for all services so that the

Word reaches beyond the four walls

of any building to be remembered and

replayed at any time.

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